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Welcome~ This is a blog that will feature various Chizuru Yukimura pairings from Hakuoki. It will heavily lean on Okita x Chizuru and Saito x Chizuru because they are my main OTPs, but there will be others as well.
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One Thousand Words, One Thousand Embraces|| Clock 9 || Song

Excerpt from 大好きな貴方へ || WellFlat

Excerpt from おきちずコレクション || ササラメ

Excerpt from おきちずコレクション || なー

Illustration from おきちずコレクション || 夜纏

Excerpt from ちずさいっ!|| 海音さと

My Love is a Burning, Consuming Fire || Illustrations || Song

Illustration by ng/モト

Excerpt from 薄桜色の思い出綴り || mog

Excerpt from 恋紅 || Triangle